About Us Lily Blaze

Who is Lily Blaze?

Hi, I’m Mjay and Buster is my fur baby. He’s an old Boxer I adopted at the start of 2020 who takes big dumps and snores louder than me.

Check it out—take our ultimutt hearing test.

How did Lily Blaze Start?

On a trip to Asia I was confronted with the harsh reality for street dogs. It really broke my heart to see so many dogs suffering. After volunteering in a few animal shelters and seeing the amazing job they do for street dogs first-hand, I wanted to do something to help.

On my return home to Australia, I was bending down to scoop Buster’s poop when I stopped in my tracks.

I hate the idea of using plastic to pick up dog poop—especially knowing the environmental destruction it causes. But this time I thought:

“What if you could combine a 100% biodegradable and compostable product with a social enterprise that helped end doggie suffering?”

What if a sustainable product that helps dogs and their owners in Australia, something every dog owner needs every day, could support dogs here and overseas?

And that’s how Lily Blaze the dog poop bag was born—with poop in hand!

Why is giving back important to Lily Blaze?

It’s hard to unsee animal suffering once you’ve witnessed it. You feel instantly compelled to help the many great organisations working hard to help solve the problem. And it feels good to know we can all do our part.
Every little bit we do helps make the world a better place—for dogs, the environment, and us.
And every time you restock your dog poop bag stash with Lily Blaze, you’ll know you’re doing your bit, too.
Turn something smelly into a way to support doggies in need.
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