Helping Shelters: Our Charitable Donation Model

We donate 50% of the profits from our dog poop bags to shelters and charities.

Find out how it works. Suggest an initiative.

About Lily Blaze

Lily Blaze is a compostable and biodegradable dog poop bag brand that’s proudly Australian owned. But we’re a dog poop bag brand with one major difference: half our profits go to charity. 

Every time you ‘scoop the poop’, you’re helping dogs in need. Plus, our poop bag rolls are made of corn, so they’re kinder to the planet.

Sure, we might be the ‘new pup on the block’ but our heart and conscience is big. Our animal shelter partners will reap the rewards every time you shop with us.

How Our Donation Model Works

When a customer shops Lily Blaze, a whopping 50% of the profits will be forwarded to a canine charity in Australia or abroad. We’re interested in initiatives that focus on rescue, improving quality of life, vaccinations, treatment, and birth control.

Check out our world map to see who we donate and have donated to.

You can read about each dog - charity by clicking on them.

Suggest a Dog Shelter or Charity

At Lily Blaze HQ, we’re scouring the globe for prospective partners — from home grown Aussie dog shelters to international charities. If you’re part of an organisation that needs a helping hand (or paw), then fill in the form below. We’d love to hear from you.

We’re also keen to chat to anyone who has an initiative to recommend. As long as the charity is registered and reputable, we want to know about them.

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